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www.waphan.com – Download Apps, Music from Waptrick   and waphan– we’ve  takled about how to download waphan.com  Games, Music, Videos, Apps and I received response on waphan. This publication is just a follow-up on the previous www.waptrick.com  and wapdam posts we have already published.

waphanIn your quest of searching for portal to download free games, apps , themes and other music and videos file, waphan come as another source apart from the other download portal you have stumbled Upton

Waphan.com has always been a hub for mobile and PC download but just recently  and for whatsoever reason best known to the Adkins at waptrick or waphan, I’m still yet to figure out why waptrick was changed to waphan. In this post we will help you figure out the different and similarities between waphan, wapdam and waptrick android

 some quick tips about the new waptrick site which also known as  www.waphan.com

Haven made a huge names, Waphan.com is now officially the new name for waptrick, thee reason for this is however unknown but respective of the change waptrick still remains very popular place to download free mobile apps and games

Haven been a regular subscriber to the download portals, what i have really notice is the site speed,  www.waphan.com platform open way quicker, better speed and faster loading time unlike we experienced  with  waptrick.com

Inspite of the change of name from waprick to waphan, the url still remains,If you type waptrick.one on your browser, the page will automatically redirect you to www.waphan.com home page.

Sharing the same features and almost every other aspect of the old waptrick site, waphan can be said to be a Waptrick  mirror site.

How to Download  Games, Music, Videos, Apps and Themes from waphan portal

Just like we stated on our www.wapdam.com post, you simply have to log on to www.waphan.com select te category of download you want and simply follow the prompt to download Games, Music, Videos, Apps and Themes from www.waphan.com

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