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www.bbchausa.com BBChausa news portal is dedicated to bringing news to hausa speaking regions of Africa and nigeria in particular.
You can tune in to BBC Online News in Hausa language via the www.bbchausa.com portal which brings you credible news in the hausa language
BBC Hausa BBC is based in the United Kingdom, London and has a high level of credibility. The portal is advocated by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Searching for BBC Hausa news on the Internet, users enter such queries as “bbchausa,” “www.bbchausa.com”, “bbchausa.com”, “www.bbc hausa.com”, “bbc hausa.com” into Google
When it come to getting Trendy Gist news, on Sport , Weather , Radio  and current happening around the world in hausa language, then www.bbchausa.com is still the portal to get those.

It is estimated that Over 50 thousand devoted Hausa.Naij readers get more than 50 current news every day. The number of website users grows every day together with the quality and number of materials. In the near future, this news portal can become the most popular among Hausa-speaking people
apart from constantly surfing the web for the bbc hausa news, you can get hausa news on your devices including tablets, smartphones and connected TVs.
The BBC Hausa portal is built in such a way that it can work properly on Blacberry , iPhone , Samsung Galaxy , Infinix , Nokia , Tecno mobile and lot more

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categories on the BBC Hausa portal include >>>Labaran Duniya, Wasanni ,Mujalla ,Rahotanni , Bidiyo ,Shirye-shirye na Musamman , Saurari Shirye-Shiryen Mu and Hotuna

So for all our hausa brothers and sisters that want to enjoy news in hausa language, simply visit the www.hausa.com portal to enjoy news in hausa language

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