Will MMM Nigeria Members Get their Money Back ?- See Shocking Truth

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Its safe to safe that MMM nigeria crashed like some other ponzi schemes that Nigerians invested their money in. But following the news that MMM nigeria has returned, the question on the lips of many Nigerians is Will MMM members ever get their money back.
Prior to the crash, the MMM pyramid scheme that offered its members a 30% interest through its peer-to-peer donation exchange program.
since the return of MMM nigeria on the 14th of January,participants have been shocked to find their MMM account balance have been slashed down to 1% of its previous value, and that after an 80% reduction.
I have a friend Bright otumba who had so much money in this MMM account at the time of the crash.
question on many people’s minds now is whether they will ever get their MMM money back and if yes from who and how long will they have to wait to be paired for Getting Help GH. We have  outline a step by step guide on how to get help And Withdraw Money From your 2016 MMM account

MMM-Nigeria updateAt the  moment, the system is allowing mmm nigeria member to withdraw the 1% and have their accounts cleared right after.
However, before any wanting to withdrawal gets matched with a participant either entering the system or an existing member will have to provide help.
So even at 1%, it seems highly unlikely that participants will get their money back.

Based on what happened with MMM South Africa and MMM Zimbabwe, it remains unlikely that MMM nigeria will restart their system from their parent organization MMM East Africa who may ask to run two accounts for each of its participants

What really Caused the Crash to MMM Nigeria.
MMM Nigeria crashed due to fear and uncertainty of the future of Nigerian economy and constant trath from the fedral government warning nigerians about their participation in MMM Nigeria. Participants speculation created panic persuading them rush and withdraw money while they refusing to provide Help

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