Video: CCTV Captures Live Bank Robbery Scene At Zenith Bank Owerri

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A Zenith bank CCTV has captured footage of an armed robbery attack that occurred in broad day light in one Nigerian states recently. The location where the robbery took place was not ascertained,  the footage only shows the robbers attacking the bank
The bank in question is a one of zenith bank branches, the reason why i said its zenith bank is because of the uniform worn by the security man fleeing the scene. if you take notice of the uniform worn by zenith bank security men in any of their branches nationwide, you would know that it is the same with that of the man in this video.
The robbery lasted for less than 5 minutes and there was periodic Gun fire between the robbery gang and one security operative stationed at the bank.

One of the armed robber lost his life during a gun battle with the Police officer at the bank.

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