Top 5 States with Highest Job Vacancies in Nigeria- How to Get Jobs In Nigeria

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Securing a job, talk more of those high paying white collar jobs can be very difficult at times. you stand a chance of  getting a high paying job in any these states with high job Vacancies in Nigeria
After spending not less than six years in the University and serving your father land in the NYSC service year
It is always advisable to strive to be an employer of labour rather than a job seeker. there are several lucrative business that you can engage to make money and  reduce the number of unemployed graduates.
The federal government has began Online Registration of Unemployed Nigerians

Top 5 states with high job Vacancies in Nigeria

in this list of Top 5 states with high job Vacancies in Nigeria we will not include lagos state solely because lagos state is Lagos is overcrowded, the population density ==>9,013,534+  there are not in any way compatible with the job vacancies.


The FCT Abuja has population density of 1,405,201, and the chances of job seeker landing a job in the fedral capital territory is far greater than other, from 2011 to 2013 jobberman recored 10,379 job vacancies.


When it comes to job vacancies , Rives state still remains a state with the highest amount of job openings in the country, even with a population density of 5,185,400, Rivers state recorded 6,873 vacancies from 2011 to 2013 according to a report by jobberman


Surprisedingly?,  Oyo state still makes the cut for the top 5 states with high job Vacancies in Nigeria . Oyo is really good when it comes to employment,  and also the cost of living is quite moderate and that is why it has the less number of unemployed youths.

Even with a population density of 5,591,589  jobberman recorded  5,520 Job vacancies in space between 2011 to 2013.


This state is not really good when it comes job vacancies, but it made top four here .

Population density of 3,728,098 the  state is not really crowded , that was why even with 3,805 job vacancies from 2011 to 2013, you still have a big chance of getting employed in the state.


Delta is a small state with a population density of 4,098,391 You have high chances of getting a comfortable work in delta state, jobberman recorded 3,105 job vacancies in the state within 2011 to 2013

I would like to add Abia state to the list of  states high employment chances in Nigeria as the state boast of several industries which employ skilled laborers.

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