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Slot Nigeria is of of the biggest phone shopping malls in nigeria, At slot Nigeria you are guaranteed to get original quality of any brand of phones you may be looking for. we have listed below the current slot nigeria phone price list and also how you can place an order online from slot nigeria limited online store.

Note: our Slot Nigeria phones price list is only accurate as at the time of writing this report, slot limited has the sole right to make changes on the price of any of the phones on display at their online store or shopping malls nationwide.

In this post, we will basically be sharing with you slot nigeria price list for Tecno mobile, slot nigeria Samsung, blackberry ,iPhone and other makes of android ,blackberry and windows phones, so if you are looking to purchase any mobile phone from slot nigeria limited and you are wondering what the current price of such phone might be at slot limited, then you just have to continue reading to see the slot nigeria phone price list 2017.

 Slot Nigeria Price List Of Apple iPhones 2017

Apple iPhone 7 Plus {128 GB} Rose Gold / Jet Black : N450,000 – N510,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus {32 GB} Gold / Rose / Black : N400,000
Apple iPhone 7 {128 GB} Red : N395,000
Apple iPhone 7 {128 GB} Rose Gold / Silver : N370,000
Apple iPhone 7 {32 GB} Gold / Black : N330,000
Apple iPhone 6 (16GB Grey/Silver/Gold) : N283,000
Apple iPhone 6 (64GB Storage) : N208,000
Apple iPhone 6 (128GB Storage) : N205,000
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (128GB G/S/G) : N343,000
Apple iPhone 6S: N275,000
Apple iPhone 6S 64GB Gold / Grey / Silver : N312,000
Apple iPad Mini 4: N185,000
Apple Macbook Air 11.6″ 128GB Retina : N440,000
Apple iPad Air 2 wifi Cellular 128 GB (All colour) – N290,000
Apple Watch 42MM Stainless: N270,000

 Slot Nigeria Price List Of Samsung Phones 2017

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual (N920C) : – N253,000 – N255,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J110 J1 ACE – N36,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini: N30,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J2: N43,000
  • J3 (2016) – N50,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500) : N69,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: N81,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N102,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J700 J7: N94,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: N100,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: N145,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB: N223,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB: N225,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB: N255,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB Edge: N260,000
  • S7 Edge Pink Gold – N262,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N90,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T815N: N204,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 ( A310 Edition ) – N115,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A320 2017 – N131,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 ( A510 2017 Edition ): N152,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 ( A510 2016 Edition ): N145,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2016 Edition) : N185,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2017 Edition) : N174,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (T285) – N65,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – N48,000
  • E1205 – N8,000

We have not listed all the Samsung phones on display here, so if you have not seen the choice of original Samsung phone you are looking for simply contact slot limited via their costumer care number to place  an order.

Price List Of Tecno Phones In Slot Nigeria

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N138,000
Tecno Phantom 6: N97,000
Tecno Boom J5: N22,400
Tecno Boom J7: N23,000
Tecno Boom J8: N47,000
Tecno Y6: N24,000
Tecno C5: N39,000
Tecno Camon CX: N67,000
Tecno Camon CX Air: N52,000
Tecno Camon C7: N35,500
Tecno Camon C8: N39,500
Tecno Camon C9 Plus: N74,000
Tecno Camon C9: N64,000
Tecno Phantom 5: N91,000
Tecno WinPad 2 10.1: N123,000
Tecno 7C Pro: N37,000
Tecno L8 Lite: N35,000
Tecno L8: N45,000
Tecno L8 Plus: N51,000
Tecno L9 Plus: N57,500
Tecno W1: N19,500
Tecno W2: N21,500
Tecno W3: N28,000
Tecno W3 LTE: N34,000
Tecno W4: N34,000
Tecno W5 Lite: N37,000
T350: N4,800
T349: N4,300
Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro II: N104,000
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Price List Of Blackberry Phones At Slot Nigeria limited
For blackberry phones, we have only listed out 3 blackberry phone
Blackberry Classic: N80,000
Blackberry Z10: N20,000

INNJOO Phones Prices On

Innjoo Fire 2 Plus: N54,000
Innjoo Fire 2: N39,000
Innjoo Max 3 16/2 GB: N51,000
Innjoo Max 3 16/1 GB: N46,000
Innjoo Flex 2GB / 32GB : N63,000
Innjoo X3: N18,000

Slot Nigeria Nokia Phone Prices List

Nokia Lumia 1020-₦83,000.00
Nokia Lumia 1320-₦55,800.00
Nokia Lumia 1520-₦103,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 520-₦20,500.00 (formerly sold @ ₦29,000.00!)
Nokia Lumia 620-₦35,500.00 (formerly sold @ ₦38,000.00!)
NOKIA LUMIA 625-₦37,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 630-₦27,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 720-₦45,000.00 (formerly sold @ ₦49,000.00)
NOKIA LUMIA 920-₦58,800.00 (formerly sold @ ₦60,000.00)
Nokia Lumia 925-₦61,000.00
Nokia X-₦19,110.00 (formerly sold @ ₦19,500.00)
NOKIA XL-₦30,000.00 (formerly ₦31,000.00)

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If you have not found your choice of phone is this slot nigeria phone price list, you can simply walk into any of the Slot Nigeria outlets and locations in Nigeria
Slot Nigeria limited shopping mall can be found in any of the 36 states of Nigeria. slot limited is located in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Ondo, Ilorin, Osun, Kano, Enugu, Benin, Ado-Ekiti, Delta, Warri, Portharcourt, Uyo, Calabar.
Slot Nigeria contact phone number is 08034620000
Slot Nigeria shop are open durig normal working hours and working days- Their operational hours is from Monday-Saturday (8am-6pm
For further info check out the official SLOT Nigeria website, Website:

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