Official Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today: Bank Rates & Aboki (Black Market)

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This is  the current official Dollar to Naira exchange rate as of today at major Bureau de Change operators in Nigeria.
Do you want exchange your dollar for naira or simply you want to buy dollars to make payment for goods or service,  below is the GTBank Dollar to Naira exchange rate, Aboki FX dollar exchange rate and also How to Send Money From Nigeria to Another Country via MoneyGram,PayPal & Western Union
Its no surprise that the Central bank of Nigeria keep up pumping inflow into the Nigerian currency to help overcome the ever rising price of the dollar to the Nigerian naira. This effort has yielded some level of improvement as the Naira has bee striving against the American dollar.
Inspite of this effort by the Nigeria apex bank, the dollar still hold a considerable gap to the naira.
In view of the ever fluctuating and changing foreign Currencies rate against our Nigerian naira, this page containing the official Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today is update periodically to give you the latest rates
Simply bookmark this page to get the latest Dollar to Naira official bank exchange rate and AbokiFX exchange rate Exchange Rate

As of July 2017, the current exchange rate at stand at

N365 – buy per $ 1
N374 – sell per $ 1

In recent weeks the exchange rate has remained stable after gaining momentum against the dollar, But as state the currency rate is ever changing against the naira

Bank FXSales Exchange Rate

FX sales is the official bank exchange rate for major currencies like the Dollar, pounds, Yen and Euro. As of today the GTBank FX sales is placed at an official rate of of N315 per $1 dollar.

Note: When selling your dollar to banks, you will only be given N315 or less per dollar, In other words if you are purchasing the American dollar in exchange for Nigerian Naira, then you will be charged something closer to N374 – N200, depending on Inter Bank and Different bank charges.
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In conclusion to how much Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market , I would like to point out the Nigeria s ours and we need to do every possible as good citizens and the Government alike to give a helping hand to the Naira before it becomes am object of mockery just like the Zimbabwe currency

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