MTN Internet Data Bundle: Complete MTN Data Plans & Subscription Codes+ Prices

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Want to subscribe to any of the Cheap MTN internet data bundle for android,blackberry or Pc,Here is the full list of all MTN Data Plan, Subscription Code and prices and Data size; the MTN bundle listed here is current and up to date for all Mtn data plan 2017

MTN Nigeria still remain one of the best providers of internet data plan to some, MTN Nigeria maybe the best telecom providers in the country presently. MTN data bundle for android, blackberry, modem and laptop is arguably unrivaled; We don’t really wan to get into the debate of which is the fastest internet service provider in Nigeria,while other may pick Mtn Nigeria, you may want to say others too are as fast as MTN but consider the following:

> MTN data internet bundle is arguable the cheapest data plan, at least, they are not as expensive as Etisalat data plan.
>>> With a wide coverage area, even if you live in a remote village, MTN internet service is almost guaranteed to there. It is for this reasons that i rate MTN Internet data plan highly. Am not basically favoring MTN over others and I have not even been contacted by MTN before so don’t think I have been paid, I’m just doing my job which is to tell you what I have tested repeatedly myself and verified

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MTN DATA PLANSMTN 30MB for N100 Daily Data Plan

The Mtn 30MB mtn data plan is the cheapest data bundle from MTN on this packages  subscribers to get 30MB worth of data for  just N100. On this plan you surf websites do your choice which is valid for 24 hours.To subscribe for MTN daily plan (24-hours) simply – Dial *104#

MTN 750MB for N500 Weekly Data Plan

The MTN 750MB plan is also know as the MTN weekly data plan which comes with 750MB bundle of data for N500 to browse, stream, upload & download games from waptrick websites or chat on Facebook, The MTN weekly plan has a validity period of 7 days.
Want to subscribe for MTN weekly bundle (7-days) data plan – Dial *103#

MTN 1.5GB for N1000 Monthly Data Plan

This is basically the best choice if you tend to browse and download alot, MTN 1.5GB data plan allows subscribers to get 1.5GB volume of data for N1000 to browse, stream, upload & download from to and from websites of your choice which is valid for 30 days.
To subscribe to MTN 1.5GB for N1000 Monthly (30-days) data plan – Dial *106#

MTN 3.5GB for N2000 Monthly Data Plan

For just N2000, you can get a giant 3.5GB worth of data on this special MTN monthly data plan. subscribers get to receive 3.5GB worth of data for N2000 to browse valid for 30 days.
To subscribe to MTN 3.5GB for N2000 monthly (30-days) data plan – Dial *110#

MTN 10GB for N5000 Monthly Data Plan
Similar to the other MTN internet data bundle we have listed above, this is a special MTN data plan and it come with a Massive 10GB data volume which you can share with friends or colleagues.This is specifically for people who tend to browse and download alot
To subscribe to MTN 10GB for N5000 monthly (30-days) data plan – Dial *116#

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