Linda Ikeji NetWorth , Blog Advert Price Rates & Linda Ikeji Monthly Earning

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See linda ikeji networth and how much she makes from her linda ikeji blog on a monthly and annual base and how much it would cost you to place an advert on her blog.
Yes linda ikeji is quite popular in the Nigerian blog sphere and for her effort,she makes so much money blogging, but there has been some debate among readers of her blog as to what is Linda ikeji networth and how much does she really earn from her blog? in this article we will help you understand how rich linda ikeji is and when she actually started building her blog which has become a house hold name.
If you are still wondering if linda ikeji is that rich? bro and sist, it might shock you to know that linda is strikingly rich.

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In 2012 linda ikeji blog was worth a whooping  $1.2 million according to even linda her self was surprised to at how her networth has risen since she began blogging in 2006

linda Ikeji blogFocus:  linda ikeji is a 37 year old blogger who hails from Imo state Nigeria, She is a self made billionaire and CEO of linda ikeji blog and she has recently started her own Tv show where she host nigerian celebrity on a talk show. i must add that music is her thing and recently she launched her own linda ikeji studio.
she may not be the most talented blogger, but am sure she is definitely one of the most outstanding and very influential bloggers from Nigeria, and indeed Africa, Welcome to the world of Linda Ikeji, the billionaire owner owner of Linda Ikeji blog

Linda ikeji blog  Advert Rates and Prices

Linda ikeji Leaderboard (Blow Site Title) – N950,000 x 2 = N1,900,000 monthly

Sidebar ads (Top) – N500,000 x 2 = N1,000,000 monthly

Sidebar ads (All site wide) – N400,000 x 30 = N12,000,000 monthly

Sponsored posts – N50,000 x 2 = N100,000 daily x 30 = N3,000,000 monthly.

Page branding (Site takeover) = N1,600,000 monthly

Total revenue from direct adverts = N19.5 million monthly.

Note:The Linda ikeji blog advert rate and prices we have published here is subject to change, so to get the current avert rate for linda ikeji blog, you will have to call her blog manager for the current advert cost.

Linda ikeji Networth:  Google Adsense

Google adsense is a revenue sharing platform which reward websites owners for advert click generated from their site, Google adsense operates PPC, pay per click ration which means you stand to make alot of money if your website or blog is getting enough traffic,  LindaIkeji blog  receives more than 500,000 daily traffic (pageviews) from our Adsense daily stats (CTR = 0.98 and CPC = 0,45) we calculate her google adsense revenue

Click Through Rate (CTR) = 500,000/100 = 5,000 x 0.98 = 4,900 clicks daily
Total Revenue Daily = Cost per Click (CPC) x Click Through Rate (CTR): 4,900 x 0.45 = $2,205 daily =$2,205 x 30 = $66,150 (N12,237,750) monthly

From the anaysis of linda ikeji networth and how much she makes from he blog, we can see that the lady make an estimated N31,737,750 monthly.
currently Linda Ikeji’s net worth is:-$10 million (N2,700,000,000) + N500,000,000

Linda Ikeji net worth  in naira = N3,200,000,000 (3.2 Billion)

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