Juliet Ibrahim – I had se!x on the Beach+ Juliet Ibrahim Dirty Secret

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Nollywood actress and Ghanian celebrity Juliet Ibrahim has opened up about one of her dirty secret
Juliet Ibrahim has revealed to fans how she had se!x at a beach  with other beach goers present to witness her sexual prowess.
According to the pretty globacom Nigeria ambassador, the act was kind of  spontaneous; we didn’t play to make out there . [We] just went all out. There were a lot of tourists around and nobody could care more about what we were doing, i guess it didn’t bother any body,” said the actress who went on to to give advise to her fans who might want to treat the same risky road and to dare to have se!x on the beach.

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Juliet Ibrahim “You have to be very careful when [you want to do this]. You have to make sure that wherever you are doing it, or trying to do it, it’s allowed, and it is not like a country or place where people will find it offensive,”

Juliet Ibrahim beach pictures

Juliet Ibrahim beach pictures

pretty Ghanaian Juliet Ibrahim is  allegedly dating a Nigerian singer, Iceberg Slim, Halima further disclosed that she doesn’t really care if the lights are on or off when she’s horny, when am Hot, “I can’t be bothered. Anything goes,” she said

when squizzed about her favourite se!x position, Juliet disclosed she flows with the rhythm and isn’t afraid of trying the doggy style adventure.
Unlike most naija girls that see’s it as a big deal to ask a guy they like for his number,Juliet also disclosed that she doesn’t consider asking a man she loves for his number, as a big deal.

“I don’t see it as a big deal. If I see somebody I like, I wouldn’t want the chance to pass me by,” said the actress who later went on to admit that she has a “quick temper

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