Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria 2017 – Top 10 Banks & Salary Scale

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The banking sector still remains one of the highest paying in Nigeria. for person(s) aiming to pursue a career in the banking sector it is important to know which is the Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria
In this post, we will be showing you the monthly take home salaries of bankers in Nigerian , but grater emphasis will be on the Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria and where you can be rest assured to make a good living working for a bank.
In our last post about UPDATED: Entry Level Salaries of Nigerian Companies and Agencies, Bank,Oil & Manufacturing Sector we told you that for you to really be among the top earners i any bank, you have to be a full staff but sadly 85% of the people working at some major banks like GTbank, Zenith Bank , FirstBank  and Even United bank for Africa, UBA are on contract base.
So while it is okay for you to get a banking job, it is even better to be employed as a full staff because that the people that really make the big bucks
Note: we have not include all the banks in Nigeria in this our list of Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria 2017, rather we have selected the big banks.

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For graduates applicants searching for information on Nigerian banks and the salary structure, especially the bank that the pay highest salaries, this post should give a good insight as to which bank in Nigeria is the best to work for that pays good salary especially at entry level
This post is purely for educational purpose and we are in noway affiliated with the banks listed below and as such we offer an unbiased rating of the Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria

Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria 2017- Top 7

1. Ecobank Nigeria Salary

Its no surprise that Ecobank come first on the the list of Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria. Indeed Ecobank takes good care of her staff and their welfare package still remains the best compared to other banks in Nigeria. Ecobank was Established in 1985 and with their high interest rate, they are considered among the highest paying banks and best banks to work for in Nigeria. here’s Code to Check Ecobank Account Balance On Mobile phone

2. FirstBank Nigeria Salary

First Bank of Nigeria: Its might have been the firstbank to be established in Nigeria, but till date the bank is still waxing strong. First bank is considered as the richest, and top leading banks in Nigeria. First Bank of Nigeria pays their entry level staff between N3m to N3.5million yearly for salary (and this is without allowances).

3. Central Bank Of Nigeria Salary

Central Bank of Nigeria: This is the bank of banks, so its only normal that their staffs are well paid. CBN has branches spread across the 36 states of the federation, and so you can start a good banking career in any one of them.

4. Guarantee Trust Bank Salary

GTBank Nigeria is one of the most popular and innovative banks in Nigeria today. GTBank staffs are customer friendly and offers one of the best high interest savings account in Nigeria. GTBank entry level salary is about N2.5million per annum

Zenith Bank: Zenith bank Plc was Established in the year 1990, Zenithbank is rated as the richest bank in the Nigeria today. By taking the number 5 spot on this list of the top 7 highest paying banks in Nigeria, Zenith bank has joined the top commercial banks in the country that pay good salaries to their staffs.
Completing the list of our Highest paying banks in Nigeria 2017 are
United Bank for Africa with an entry level salary of about N1.5m per year and Finally Fidelity Bank whose graduate staffs are paid N1.4m per year.

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