How To GH And Withdraw Money From MMM Nigeria: 2016 Mavro Withdrawal

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MMM-Nigeria updateHere’s How to withdrawal your MMM Mavros in your account: Is your money stuck on MMM and you dont know how to withdraw those money that keeps on multiplying i your MMM office, well just continue reading as i will be showing you a way through which you can GH your Mavros from MMM Nigeria.
Many people have been complaining that they have lost their hard earned money in the MMM phonzi scheme, but what if i tell you that all hope is not lost and there is a way to GH your supposedly lost fundHOW TO GH 2016  MMM Funds/MAVRO

Firstly you have to Login to your  MMM Personal Office (PO)
on the MMM office,Click on the GH button, a massage which show “Daily GH limit exceeded” may pop up
Click on the GH button repeatedly until you are taken to the GH page
4. At this point Click on select account tab
5. Click on “Next” it may also show you the available withdraw amount to be “0”
6. Click on “BACK” and then click “NEXT” again (keep repeating this process until it show certain withdrawal amount)
7. Click on the amount box and type your withdrawal amount in whole number of thousands (don’t click on “ALL” in the amount box, just type the amount in the box)
8. Click “NEXT”again
9. Click on the last “NEXT” fast and wait for it to load.
10. If it shows “unknown error” don’t click OK, just click on the (*) bottom at the top right and repeat the process again till it show “order has been created”

When carrying out the MMM withdrawal/ GH ing of mavros  you may encounter some glitch like unknown error but keep repeating this process until you GH your mavro

Lastly, its important to note that you cant GH without PH-ing because MMM is pH to GH. Someone’s pH is your GH therefore try to pH so that someone can also GH. By Doing this, you are also contributing to the sustainability of the MMM Nigeria community.


  1. Stanley

    April 24, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Am an MMM participants, I have tried the methods in your article but at the very last next it will load and will not write success or order created,so what is the next step to take.

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