DsTV vs GoTV Nigeria: Differences, Decoder, Price And subscription

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DsTV vs GoTV NigeriaThere’s a big difference between DSTV and GoTv and although the best cable stations are owned by Multichoice Nigeria. Multi choice Nigeria introduced GOTV to Nigerians after many years of unparalleled success of the DSTV which has killed competition from other cable stations like HiTV and MyTV.
I have used both GOTV and DSTV and want to show you the different between GO tv and DSTV and maybe this could help you make up your choice.
It is of my opinion that Dstv user should abandon his or her DSTV decoder and get a Gotv decoder now or I should just say DsTV VS GoTV in Nigeria

Advantages of Gotv: if you are looking to total entertainment which cuts across sports,entertainment, and more, DSTV is the  but one of the main advantage of Gotv over the DSTV would be the price
Less Expensive:–

I was chatting with a friend who use DSTV and i found  out that the channels that  i enjoy on the Gotv N1800 subscription are not even included on that same amount of N1,800 subscription of Dstv Access and let me tell you those channels are damn important, wait! am going to list some for you because I am using both Dstv and Gotv so I know the channels that are not available in Dstv that are present in Gotv and some of them are African Magic Epic,African Magic Family,CNN,Sony Max,Discovery world,Televista and many more of them for the same amount o, maybe it is because of the dish outside that will let people know that this dude is using Dstv, Rubbish! in fact they are really making cool cash from us because they know most Nigerians will not enjoy the service which is frustrating for us subscribers.

Fast Booting Time:- have you been made to wait endlessly for your DSTV decoder to boot. For those of us who have used both Dstv and Gotv you will agree with me that booting time of Gotv is way way faster than that of Dstv. so in the battle of booting time GOtv come on top of DStv.

Reduced Frustration :-  I shouldn’t have to use this against DStv ,but Dstv users know too well about the  frustration they normally face when any slight weather change occurs. Especially when it starts raining unless you are using the new Dstv explorer decoder

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