Complete Ranks in The Nigerian Police: IG to Corporal (Glass Root Rank)

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ranks in the Nigerian policeThe ranks in the Nigerian police are sub divide into three main structures which includes the Administrative, Authority and Organizational structure. this category makes up the Ranks In Nigeria Police Force
compiling the list and ranks from top to bottom, the Inspector General of police is the most ranked officer in the Nigerian police force while the constable is the least ranked  officer in the police force.

Nigerian police ranks from top to bottom
1. Inspector General of Police (Top Rank )
2. Deputy Inspector General of Police
3. Assistant Inspector General of Police
4. Commissioner of Police
5. Deputy Commissioner of Police
6. Assistant Commissioner of Police
7. Chief Superintendent of Police
8. Superintendent of Police
9. Deputy Superintendent of Police
10. Assistant Superintendent of Police
11. Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police
12. Inspector
13. Sergeant
14. Corporal (Glass Root Rank)

The Inspector-General of Police
According to section 215(2) of the 1999  Nigerian Constitution, section 6 of the Police Act, 1990,  “the Nigerian police Force shall be commanded by the Inspector-General of Police, IG of police.

Day today directives and instructions on modus operandi and  discharge of  duties is carried, flows from the Inspector-General of Police, through the chain of Command, to any Officer positioned to implement such in the Nigerian police force, the Inspector General of Police is the highest ranked officer in the Nigeria Police force

Next on the list of ranks in the Nigerian police force is the

Asst. Inspector-General of Police

The Office of the AIG was instituted by  section 5 and 8 of the Police Act. The Asst. Inspector-General of Police was assume the office of the IG of police in the event of the absence of the Inspector-General of Police and Deputy Inspector-General of Police. Apart from being a stand in office of the Nigerian police form, the AIG office is more or less a ceremonial post.

The Commissioner of Police

The  Nigeria Constitution, provides a section for the appointment of the  Office of the Commissioner of Police who saddled with the  Control of contingents and logistic of the Police Force stationed in  each State of the federation.

However, the commissioner of police is  subject to the IG and AIG of police respectively, tIn the absence of the commissioner, the assistant Inspector-General of Police or who-so-ever acts for him/ or her shall assume office

Like we earlier stated, the Police force is sub divided into three parts.
The Administrative Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

The Nigeria Police is administratively structured and divided into departments: ‘A’ – ‘G’ with each department charged with peculiar duties. Although their duties are inter-woven, they are distinguishable.

The Organizational Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

The Nigeria Force is further structured in line with the geo-political structure of the Country, with provisions for supervisory formations. The structure formation enables Police operational of the internal Territory of Nigeria

so the above list sums up the ranks in the Nigerian police force

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